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Interlude Before Death (Inspired by Freedom, by Tonysp)

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  • Interlude Before Death (Inspired by Freedom, by Tonysp)

    There is an inherent risk in virtue.
    A thousand cautionary tales are told,
    of kindness meeting unscrupulous response.
    Mercy does not always beget mercy.
    And he who demonstrates charity,
    for the sake of reciprocity,
    flirts with disappointment,
    and will soon make her acquaintance.

    Yet, a nation remains,
    in no small measure,
    an aggregate
    of what we each
    have cultivated
    ourselves to become.
    And we ought never hope
    to extricate virtue from culture,
    the latter, often reflecting
    the style, manner and practice,
    of the former.

    the leadership of a nation,
    the preservation of a society,
    commands a higher calling,
    than simply safe-guarding
    the brick and mortar
    which house its institutions,
    and adorn its landscape.

    he who would
    wantonly inflict misery,
    for the sake of security,
    has reduced living
    to the interlude
    between life and death.
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    Poems like this make me thankful I was introduced to something beyond only this life. This is eloquent and thought provoking and rings so, so true to my heart.