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* Flower of the Holy Night

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Oh my, as I read this beauty I was thinking - this is from the heart. Then I saw your comments to confirm. So poignantly beautiful Suz-zen. I'm sorry for your losses.

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  • Suz-zen
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you amenOra for the kind appraisal and the honest comments. If you have read any of my poems, I rarely use punctuation- did not even recall adding any. I will go back and see what the heck I did! thanks!!
    Are you referring to 'an' in the last line? With a change to:
    please bring early Spring?

  • Suz-zen
    commented on 's reply
    thank you grant hayes I appreciate that. It felt pretty true as it came from my heart.... in there very deep.

  • amenOra
    maybe trim articles like a an ... etc. remove punctuation, since theres already so few? i loved this! feel you.

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  • grant hayes
    This strikes me as of publishable stature, Suz-zen.

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  • Suz-zen
    I wrote this just now as I was cleaning my house. Old poinsettias, a flower that I have always loved...they are ready to go. i have always had a difficult time letting them go. Now, it hit me that i have lost many people close to me in January. Today the connection hit hard. And this poem was the result. This past January a few more dear souls have gone on... Poem may need some work, but for now i will leave that for you fine poets to help me figure out. i have work to do here at home. Thank you!

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  • Suz-zen
    started a topic * Flower of the Holy Night

    * Flower of the Holy Night

    It pains me still
    throwing out old poinsettias
    in January
    once alive with Christmas
    crumbled leaves have now fallen
    on a table of 'jingle shell'
    emphasizing contrast of
    reddish brown on translucent capiz

    On their journey
    like people I have known
    in cold December
    when the skies cry
    no longer supple
    or called burning flame-leaf

    Come a New Year
    they seem to have chosen
    to suddenly
    move on
    where did they go
    my flowers my friends

    January is ending
    I must let go the dead poinsettias
    eyes weeping
    surprise me
    tears cannot bring anything to life

    Oh February
    make way for wild golden tulips
    tipped with a dainty white
    please bring me early Spring
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