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Picking out the cashews

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  • Picking out the cashews

    I’m a cashew, I look like a nut, but I’m not.

    I had to grow into a pair

    Bought them oversize

    Bigfoot had nothing on me

    Though I didn’t realize

    Patches on my britches

    Supper was at five

    Better not be late

    If your hoping to survive

    Not a lawyer was on speed dial

    And you might find it cruel

    That I got my fanny whacked

    Once or twice at school

    Mister, she was Miss

    We knew the golden rule

    Her hair was short, mine was long

    Both of us were cool

    Everything was black and white

    Some didn’t like it much

    And folks out in the country

    Were kind of out of touch

    The lottery was not for cash

    And race was not a crutch

    Somehow adjusted to your fate

    Until the world went nuts







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    I think this is a very accomplished piece, divot. You have a distinctive way of viewing the world, and an intriguing and engaging way of expressing it. I tip my hat.


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      This seems simply put - to speak in straight forward manner - and yet there is a beautiful depth revealed. And - I cherish the wit of your title!