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  • Behead The King

    You are the one of the future
    You are the king of this country
    You are the ruler of our society
    You are the joker of all democracy

    You said that you would change
    You said you can keep our nation strong
    You said from your heart to give us care
    You just spoke of lies, you know you're wrong

    Here, you stood with your head held high
    In congress, you stood amongst your comrades
    Yet you never understood our pain, tears and grief
    You are the worst kind of flesh we ever had

    Bring out our broken men
    Take out the guillotine
    Behead the king

    Behead the king


    An ode dedicated to all the world leaders that have let their nation down, from Berlusconi to Dilma Rousseff, and probably Mr. Trump too for this.

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    Bry89 I feel your message here. I can't get the picture of that poor refugee boy laying in the sand dead. How many more bodies will we find on the shore. Sad, very sad!


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      A challenging poem, Bry89 . We are so often judging those in power with our opinions. We believe that WE know what's good for humankind. It is as if we knew the future and knew exactly what is the best, perfect outcome is for every human being. And so we say "This law is bad, it shouldn't be. However, THAT law is good, why don't you pass it?".

      This is NOT to say that they know what they are doing either. They are just as clueless, taking their best guess, based on their limited egos. However, their mistakes are costing them their peace - they are paying for their judgments, and dearly. Do WE find OUR peace of mind through judgments? We are constantly distraught, believing that so many things are wrong with this world. Look at any country, take any leader, and you will find thousands, if not millions who will judge every single decision of that leader. Are they happy for these judgments?

      In order to judge adequately requires the complete knowledge of the case. Let's just consider how limited our knowledge is and finally realize that not a single human being is entitled to judge - it is a function for God, for He holds the complete knowledge required.

      Surrendering our opinions and judgments, we are finally allowing ourselves peace and happiness.


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        Hello Bry89, Jokers indeed yet few are laughing at these stand-up cold-hearted capitalists. Your passion is most evident in this fine verse. Regards, Tony.