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  • Our Love Expands

    Our Love Expands

    A lifetime of pure love. We live
    As one, unseparated still,
    In pleasure and in pain we give
    Support and comfort, love until
    Time ends. But even then remains
    Our love forever pure – when time
    Comes to an end, the bloody stains
    And shadows of imagined crime
    Are finally cleansed and we return
    To what we were before we fell
    So deep asleep. Were we concerned
    That Heaven's not for us to dwell?
    It hardly matters – Not when we
    Are holding hands. There're no demands,
    And no concerns – for now we see
    The holy light – Our Love expands.

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    I think the ending is jarring, not sure why; was I expecting something more, im not sure how to better this one. it leaves me with questions...
    thank you!


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      Originally posted by amenOra View Post
      I think the ending is jarring, not sure why; was I expecting something more, im not sure how to better this one. it leaves me with questions...
      thank you!
      Thank you for your comment. I do not feel that the ending is jarring. Maybe the meaning is just not as clear as I would have liked. But when understood, the poem is closed in only one way possible and no words remain to be said.


      The poem is spiritual and has very little to do with what we call "love" on this earth. It is not about a love between two bodies. We often think that love is an emotion, forever changing, coming and going. And yet, such love does not make any sense and meant to be transcended at some point in time. Achieving real love in a matter of one lifetime/incarnation is next to impossible, and so we have to make mistakes and learn from them for eons before we are ready for it.

      Finally, we reach "A lifetime of pure love", when we "live as one, unseparated still". We are are giving "support and comfort", instead of demanding the fulfillment of our ego's capricious desires. When such love is realized, the cycle is about to end, as no more incarnations are necessary - we've fulfilled our function in the physical universe. And so "Time ends".

      "But even then remains our love forever pure" - the real love is completely changeless, it does not depend on the body. After the time, there are no bodies, no physical universe, and yet the same pure love is shinning forever.

      "The bloody stains and shadows" is what we perceive right now with our body's eyes in the physical world. This came from our "falling so deep asleep" under the tree in Eden after eating the "forbidden fruit". Why did we fall asleep and dreamed of this world? "Were we concerned that Heaven's not for us to dwell?" All this will be "finally cleansed" when time and the world are no more - we are waking up.

      And so right now it "hardly matters" as we are holding our metaphorical hands with you, everyone else and God. "Holding hands" is a metaphor for oneness. There are "no demands and no concerns" any longer - we have no needs, no wants and no desires in Heaven. All we see is "Holy Light".

      How can we imagine such a state? It is completely impossible, because our body and our brains were not created to comprehend that which came before. This state is Perfect Love, all encompassing and forever expanding. And so when "Our Love expands" nothing else can be said, the words become meaningless.


      Hope it makes more sense now.