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Leaving the hospital

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  • Leaving the hospital

    Its eight o’clock in the morning

    A new day I know it won't be boring

    You get up and eat your breakfast

    I just hope they don't serve lettuce

    Its time to get up and exercise

    Its so hard for me to stand and rise

    Its off to therapy

    I can tell you this its no charity

    You always speak your mind

    And you are always looking for answers to find

    We now go to art therapy class

    And I will tell you this is one great blast

    You paint what you think

    But I will not try to use the color pink

    Its now twelve o’clock and its back to lunch

    I wish it was only time to munch

    I'm still full from before

    I really don't want any more

    Its time to finally go home

    So now there is no more halls to roam

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    A 'slice of life' verse - the struggle is laid out straight to absorb here Tony.


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      Thanks I just got out yesterday and I wrote it in bed


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        Way to many times for me there. I can relate Tony! Thank You!


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          stay strong! the poem was very good, I enjoyed the inflections, which made it flow well, personalized with ... the poet's unique voice!
          thankya for sharing


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            It's nice to see people achieve their goals and leave the hospital. wishing you continued success! Stay strong and focus! Thank you for sharing!


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              Hello Tony, Versing in self therapy and very well versed indeed. Wishing you a speedy recovery and do keep the pen flowing. Regards, Tony.