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Lines On My Hands

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  • Lines On My Hands

    See the lines on my arm
    See the pain they come from
    A thousand times a knife driven deep
    Eyes dry, as my wrist begins to bleed
    Day after day
    In stolen moments I pray
    That someone sees my pain

    See the pain in my heart
    See that I do my part
    But at the end of the day
    A knife to my wrist keeps the monsters away

    See my scars
    From afar
    Don’t judge
    Before you know the pain in my heart
    A thousand times a knife driven deep
    Bleeding as I fall asleep

    A thousand times
    Knife driven deep
    But it gives me comfort
    It lets me sleep

    Pain make me stronger
    Pain lets me keep
    The hope I have
    And bury it deep

    One cut for every time
    My hope couldn’t keep me alive
    On its own
    So the cuts marked my sorrow
    And woke me up
    Bringing me high from the low

    Every morning, see my face
    Hoping for love and grace
    Every time, watch me try
    Knife to my wrist
    So that I don’t cry

    See those lines on my hands?
    They’re the reason I still stand
    Yes, they could kill me
    Yes, they still can
    But they are the reason
    That I still stand

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    A difficult subject for a poem but well handled. Thank you for sharing


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      Wishing you many good mornings.


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        A poem painful to read but very well written. My hope is that you find solace in writing


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          Keep writing! It helps in healing! Thank You for sharing! NCP


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            I really like the flow of your poem, NCPoems . Quite unusual, but each line and each stanza connect so nicely. The subject matter is dark indeed, and I can only hope it is not a reflection upon your personal experience.