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    God Is

    No judgement passes in my mind but only love –
    You, my dear friend, look into my mind’s eye!
    Embraced by holiness I stay, no words enough
    To show you what it means living without a lie.

    You seem to be apart, alone and fearful still,
    And I’m perceived in your eye as a stranger too
    But there is one note in our heart we feel
    Which sings and joins our souls forever through.

    Attentively in quiet moment stay with me
    And let us hear that note which sings in us:
    The freedom from the world is ours, we let it be –
    In such a holy moment there’s no loss.

    What you perceive is not what you will truly see
    When you receive the feeling of forgotten peace
    In which no eyes of flesh needed for you and me
    To see the holy light that shines: “God is”.

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    A well written poetic affirmation of your faith. Thank you for sharing


    • AnatoliyS
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      Thank you, your opinion is always highly appreciated!

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    Very beautiful poem


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      Thank you for your kind comments, Parkinsonspoet and LovesDaisies !

      LovesDaisies , Welcome to our wonderful forum! If you enjoyed this poem, you might like this one as well: The War Is Gone
      They were written to go together.
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        Another psalm by the A man! Beautiful! Thank You!


        • AnatoliyS
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          Thank you for your kind comment! "the A man" – that's how I am going to introduce myself from now on, to avoid listening to awkward mispronunciations of my name.