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  • manna castle

    in a smoke-filled lounge
    twangs of metal spiced with rust
    the rained on armour
    the sudden eyes
    battlefield of the forgotten.

    an arm extends to hold
    wonder mute & motionless
    stationary die from a game
    fowl animals and totems.
    barbary and cunning angels,
    with bent heads above,
    looking through you watch
    the silent sylvan plays
    softer than whispers should be
    unable to write but writing.

    maybe blood-stained crickets
    singing undrr snowfall
    misconstrued sendentious
    ahgapean vigil possible.

    dancing on the blade, light.
    spun out like a top.
    assassin, warrior,
    spy or priest or artist:
    then is the furor
    the embankment of jealousy.
    swords clash gleaming
    red stain wounds ground
    tears fall from
    shattered sky. into me.

    withdrawn into the molten center,
    shaped anew by the fire.

    tongues of snake sharp
    envenomed fangs drip.

    cesspool of spit sizzling
    faces dark searches in the twilight.

    named by all things
    painful expression

    ...reliquary moment...