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  • stiands
    started a topic Story of Walmsley

    Story of Walmsley

    This is the last poem from my collection "Fallout Theory" about my mom's fear of a new world war. "Story of Walmsley" is about one of the best ultrarunners in the world, Jim Walmsley. If you're not into that type of running, you probably don't know who he is. Anyway, here it is:


    I was wandering out of radioactive territory
    when on a desert highway, I met a man who told me a story about a man named Jim Walmsley

    legend has it he was as fast as Santa on his sleigh
    no running man could keep him at bay
    they would pray that nature would lead him astray
    but nothing could stop him from crushing the JFK
    and delivering displays worthy of Broadway
    in a cut cropped top probably not approved by the NCAA

    it was a story that did not fit in this world
    a man untouched by these cruelties, unheard
    living free in the wild like a lonely bird
    it was straight out of a theater of the absurd
    and the protagonist, Jim Walmsley, a pioneer like Richard Byrd

    I listened to him closely, his story deeply moved me
    so far away from my own reality
    but it meant a lot to me to know that there are escapees
    I thanked the storyteller for letting me be his conferee

    we went our separate ways, but after a few feet I got the sudden urge to look back and see
    a desert highway and the storyteller nowhere to be seen

  • amenOra
    I almost felt lonely at the end, but what do I lament? could this piece need a focal point, to pin it down ... these are my first thoughts anyway. show vs tell, you know.

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