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  • Her Pets and She

    Her pets and she, one of each kind,
    Through streets and lanes, boldly they go.
    A bear and fox, raccoon and crow
    With the red girl, you'll always find.

    Where'er they go, the girl follows;
    Where'er she goes, with her they go.
    Up trees, she's led by Bear and Crow,
    Whilst t'other two lead down hollows.

    In feats of guile, sly Fox excels;
    With Raccoon, to forage they go.
    Sky high eyes are furnished by Crow
    Whilst Bear from foes knocks seven bells.

    Before sundown, back home they traipse.
    To her room, at bedtime, they go.
    They share her bed (yes, even Crow)
    And dream up tomorrow's escapes.

    (The sketch accompanying this inspired the poem)
    A graphite and coloured pencil sketch of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers album cover

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    Hello Raoul, The child in us all will love this. A melodic affair, fantasy and poetry and tomorrow's escapes. A lovely verse indeed, very well done. Regards, Tony.


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    I love this adventure and the reflection of trust between the child and her pets.


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    Hi Raoul, a very nice poem and a beautiful sketch! Do you a higher resolution image file? Hard to make out all the details with such a small size and it deserves a closer inspection!


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      Hi AnatoliyS,

      Here it is. Hope it's much better. Unfortunately there was a size limit on the attachment for the original post so I had to crop the resolution. Thanks for the compliment! R


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        Lovely children's tale - you are a great storyteller and illustrator Raoul! I enjoyed this little lark into the sweet memory and possibility of childhood!


        • Raoul D'Harmental
          Raoul D'Harmental commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks for the compliment RLW. I'm sure it isn't deserved but thanks all the same R