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  • Benefactor's Wage

    Render not thy purse
    the strings that gird affections,
    lest fortune
    find thy tethers sheared.
    For beggars tickle harps
    for offerings,
    and he who clamours
    is generous with praise,
    but one soon finds
    affections fleeting,
    absent a benefactor's wage.

    Last edited by DWAYNE; 01-23-2017, 02:19 PM.

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    Subject matter is accusing - but the sound is beautiful.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      I guess it spoke to me of superficiality - which has some negative connotation for me. Am I off on that then?

    • DWAYNE
      DWAYNE commented
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      I can't say you're off on this.

      That is how you have interpreted it.
      I was intrigued by your interpretation.

      You used the word accusing, so I wondered about that term.

      I wrote it as a caution against forging bonds based on material interest, for such kinships are merely superficial, and easily eroded.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Perhaps I just misspoke in the moment - the feeling it gives me is of being cautionary. And perhaps the idea of 'accusing' came from the view of the one who was insincere - to make others aware of the deception ahead of time - sort of like calling someone out so others are forewarned.

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    No praise if no profit? I like this; I read it as an observation of how some move on if there is nothing in it for them.


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      Hello Dwayne, A sycophant's nightmare, when praise wanes into the obligatory mundane pronouncements. I love the language of this one, quaint and yet intricate. An excellent verse indeed. Regards, Tony.


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        Wise counsel.