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Boundless Strain

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  • Boundless Strain

    I walk till my heals can no longer
    withstand the weight of my body.
    Forward, I move till the pressure
    tossed to my legs is too much to bear,
    till my arms cannot carry the burden
    one second longer.
    I do not slow as I strain not to cry out in desperation
    at knowing I cannot last much longer.
    My face does not show the pain
    that is screaming to be heard.

    But I force it silent.

    My labored breathing I force silent, too,
    knowing that I must be strong till the end.
    Show no signs of weakness, no cowardice.
    I will not let myself stop before I have no more energy left in my bones to crawl after I have fallen to the floor.
    I will not rest until my heart refuses to beat,
    till my lungs have no more air left in them to breathe.

    Only then will I let myself fall.

    Only then will I let my dignity float away like the alight ashes of a fire,
    slowly dimming and dying on the wind.

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    Soul searing DV - this reads like a waning anthem of courage!


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      Thank you, RhymeLovingWriter and yes, courage. (Sigh) what we all strive to have yet some find it more instinctive than others. Thanks for commenting 😁


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        Hello Darthvader, Onwards, onwards suffering in silence. A lone warrior braves the trials of life in this most courageous poem. I have enjoyed reading this, a boost for one's self esteem, strengthens the resolve to face the everyday worries in this journey of ours to the inevitable, what ever that is. It's the getting there that counts, I'm sure you would agree. Very well done indeed. Regards, Tony.


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          I feel you understand the struggle completely, Tony Grannell.