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Food fight vol.1

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Volume 1? That means there is more of these frolicking food festivities to come? Lovely rhyme and much fun!

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  • Poemahontas
    started a topic Food fight vol.1

    Food fight vol.1

    I told the cabbage
    You're ahead of your class
    As for you lettuce
    You're all head and no ass

    Onions have gators crying
    No, those are crocodile tears
    And those grapes are still wining
    Wow, I just pocket dialed Sears

    Hey Mr. Tomato,
    I know that you're a fruit
    You say Caitlyn Jenner
    We all know that you're Bruce

    Some will say a veggie,
    But that I will dispute
    There's a Bush named Reggie
    The one, Kim gave the boot

    My back against the wall
    I'm about to go walnuts
    They say, one bad apple
    Will ruin the whole bunch

    Let the blessings trickle
    On this newcomer
    Now I'm in a pickle
    Like the cucumber

    A flower in the sun
    Call me a sunflower
    Not hidden from the sun
    Like a cauliflower

    I asked the corn
    Can you not hear
    Then what's the point
    Of having ears......