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  • Open heart poetry

    An incision on my heart
    Revealed a portion that is dark
    My decision to restart
    Before it's permanently mark

    I'm a maniac, confess
    Used to party before tests
    Feels like cardiac arrest
    Not a smarty like I guess

    Open heart surgery
    Is not being performed
    Broken heart poetry
    My life on a platform

    Forgot about the good
    Remembering the bad
    Things are never all good
    When all I see is bad

    I've done enough wrong
    Time to get it right
    Might write a tough song
    Called stand up and fight

    I've opened my heart
    The hell with what you think
    You've been drunk on lies
    Who sells that stuff you drink

    I can lie to myself
    To escape reality
    What that says about self
    And my personality

    The good with the bad
    Understanding duality
    Before I go bad
    God, please change my formality

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    Happy new year and welcome back - good to see your name in the queue again! Quite the tat on that photo Poemahontas! Was that the prompt?

    I really liked this - starting with the title - caught my eye immediately (after your name)! Actually, there are too many lines throughout that really strike to the core to name them all, but it's a beautiful and moving piece! Kudos!


    • Poemahontas
      Poemahontas commented
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      RLW.....your words can turn water into wine.....your reviews always lifts my spirit.....remember poetry for me is therapy

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    Self reflection is really good. Now it is our will to change that really counts! Thanks for sharing!


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      As RLW stated, the title drew me in and the content of your poem is so honest and sincere. This has been a week for heart felt poetry and I applaud your open heart poetry.


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        Hello Poemahontas, I do enjoy this type of poetry, salt and no sugar yet honest and true to oneself in verse and wisdom. To recognise the bad is good and to do something about it is great. Well done indeed. Regards, Tony.


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          I related and related and felt this. Thank you!


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            Imrogue....thank you reading and your feedback


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              Tony Grannell.....your words are precious gems, thank you....I'll be more active after today, showing love to this beautiful community of poets/poetess


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