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    Seems I see countless Physicians,
    with my age it’s more conditions,
    and each time they say, “Hey Stud -
    need some more – your aging Blood.”

    Appears to me – without a doubt,
    they just can’t wait to take more out.
    Where’s the stuff that goes unused -
    for what I think – might be amused.

    They have a place where Vampires live,
    consuming all the blood we give,
    that’s extra for the tests they do,
    to find what’s wrong with me any you.

    Don’t be shocked I tell the truth,
    this practice’s really not uncouth,
    Contented “Vamps” don’t need to roam,
    to feed on you while you’re at home.

    No longer are they adversaries,
    sipping on their Bloody Mary’s,
    sitting by a pool of red,
    fulfillment settlin’ in their head.

    There’s just one thing I’d have to say,
    would aid immensely on blood day.
    When the nurse says, “Just a prick”,
    wish we had a “Blood Dipstick.”