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A Plea From Inside Walls

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  • A Plea From Inside Walls

    Tearing down bridges; building walls
    Inside your barricades you'll never fall
    From the sky
    So afraid of what's outside.
    Crying in your pillow late at night
    But there's freedom on the other side

    It's comfy in your soft, warm chair
    But you're not going anywhere
    Look to the left; look to the right
    The walls you built hold you in tight
    Hold you in tight

    You'll never reach the promised land from here
    This desert sand will be your home.
    Sure, there may be giants between here and there
    But if you don't try you'll never know,
    You'll never know.

    This is a much older poem that I had written probably in my late teens that randomly came into my head today.
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    Hello BiocideJ, A casual expression without being lectured as if caressing the rut bound out of their armchairs. Sound advice and sagaciously delivered in down to earth poetry. Well done indeed. Regards, Tony.


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      I'm not sure if you were encouraging yourself or someone else, but this poetic prompting holds practical wisdom.


      • BiocideJ
        BiocideJ commented
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        Perhaps strangely, when I write poems targeting myself, I do it in second person, whereas my poems about others I tend to use first person.

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      I loved the last stanza a lot! I liked the metaphors you used like desert sand and giants! Very nice poem! :-))


      • BiocideJ
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        Thank you. It was kind of a Biblical analogy of the Israelites leaving the desert for the promised land and their fear of the giants who lived there.

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      Teen Biocide was onto a good thing with this versing caper.


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        I enjoyed his reminder maybe you did target yourself but applies to us all