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  • This Man of Mine

    This Man of Mine

    I’ve never fully understood, not even ‘til today
    how bonds we formed so long ago have blessed us both to stay
    It’s got to be a gracing, giving strength beyond our own
    that holds this love together all through choices we have grown
    You take two different people and conjoin them up for life,
    a model tried through centuries, this husband with his wife

    He’s not given to praising and perfection’s not his game
    but oh, he works in many ways at loving, just the same
    Today, for instance, when I rose, ‘to-do’ list on my mind
    I came downstairs with heavy sigh and what gift did I find?
    The tree and lights, near put away (Epiphany now passed)
    he did a chore I didn’t like with never being asked

    Some ask at my believing and they wonder at my hope
    yet every day, some way I’m blessed with gifts that help me cope
    My answer is in trusting full that come good days or bad
    this sacramental bonding tarries not as passing fad
    It’s choice each morn on rising new to honor and to bless
    in ways the other may not know, or ever even guess

    I don’t pretend all answers in this riddle that we live
    but time and time again it seems we get more when we give
    I share with you if you are blue that times can turn around
    not Pollyanna pandering but truth that I have found
    I’ll write the blues when they appear but sunshine rays this day
    right now it’s time to ‘walk my talk’ with no more word delay

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    Oh wow! This is one for the poets and lovers wall of fame. I suspect what keeps you both so alive in love is gratitude because that's what I'm reading here. Top of the queue and the shelf RLW!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Aw - thank you Bobby. I think your assessment is spot on. Thanks for the beautiful affirmation!

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    Lol, I also took down the tree, put up the gate for our puppies to contain them, etc. Waiting for my poem now from my bride of 31 years. Just kidding. Grateful men for their wives are we!


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      lovely tribute to your spouse and to the institution of marriage and how partnering works. It truly is about trust and give and take.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
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        Thank you rhymetime. He deserves the very best I can muster, so I continue to try.

      • rhymetime
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        I suspect that you "muster" just fine