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A suggestion for the Pharmaceutical companies

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  • A suggestion for the Pharmaceutical companies

    As my age and ailments mount,
    take more pills than I can count.
    And when all is said and done -
    can’t pronounce a single one.

    I have lists with me I take,
    so I don’t make a mistake,
    if I’m asked to name the pills,
    that I take for all my ills.

    For those in charge who make a lot,
    off conditions we all got.
    I propose use “people names,”
    sure works swell for hurricanes.

    Bill and Fred and Mary Lou,
    Jill and Ted and Peggy Sue,
    Trish and Dean and Oliver,
    even throw in Mortimer.

    Make it easy for us chumps,
    who navigate our living bumps.
    For those of you who have disdain?
    I prove my case with “Mary Jane.”

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    Ha! Ha! Mary Jane indeed - more possible than ever these days. Though I just read an alarming article about conditions caused by its overuse. Too much of anything is probably a bad thing. Another winner Bob!


    • AnatoliyS
      AnatoliyS commented
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      My basic rule – always being careful with an opinion brought forward by a single article, or many articles for that matter, but published in the same website/magazine! And yet, just as you say, overdoing anything is never good. Try drinking 20 liters of water a day, or eating 10 kilos of apples and see how long you will last!

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    Thank you.


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      haha nice one Bob


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        Thank you


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          Bob, this is unbelievably hilarious, while being so carefully reflective on the unfortunate situation of pharmaceuticals exploiting our bodily ailments for profit. And that last line is a killer! Truly, sometimes an ancient, basic herb can work better than all the chemicals the billionaires want to feed us with!

          This is one of the best poems I have read in quite some time! I am very grateful to you for posting – thank you!


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            Very witty rhyming, Bob.


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              Thanks is not enough but thank you!