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  • Sobriety

    Its that time of year

    Where many people fear

    To have a drink or skip this time around

    When I put down my drink

    I start to see my beautiful life

    And all I can see it all belongs to me

    When I put down my drink

    I can hear the young kids singing

    And the near by church bell ringing

    When I put down that drink

    I can see the beautiful blue sky

    And watch the birds fly high in the sky

    When I put down that drink

    I know its my time to be healed

    And now I know my friends and family are revealed

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    Very nice, Tonysp! The beauty and love are worth not having the drink, and your poem beautifully expresses this. It is awful that putting down the drink can be a hard thing for some because they also see and hear the bad things, and the drink helps them think they are buffered from them.


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      Thank You some one I work with was going thru a tough time


      • Muttado1sb
        Muttado1sb commented
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        Good wishes to your workmate. I have family dealing with this as well. It is hard all around.