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  • Lights Of Tomorrow

    It's now eleven minutes to midnight
    A day to come to a glorious end
    The year had its moments and its memories
    And as I stand here in the dark, I wonder
    Where has our precious time went?

    Time is marching on, the seconds melting
    Not long now until the time to forget
    Leave behind any worries you may have inside
    Look to the future, never lose hope
    And as the lights illuminate the dark
    A new era is well ahead

    Time may be our friend or our greatest foe
    As midnight comes, what could it bring?
    Don't listen to what the cynics have to say
    Let's raise our glasses as the angels softly sing

    Through the years as we live on this Earth
    There may have been hopes, pain and tragedies
    This year has had its gladness and cries of sorrow
    And as the moon shines amongst several stars
    May this year come to an end for us to forget
    And for the new times to come for us to remember
    So as I stand here in the light
    To grace the world with its love, I wonder
    Will there be a new tomorrow?

    Feel the light shine on your face
    Feel the light down on you
    Feel the light burn away the past
    Feel the light within you
    For a new tomorrow

    Time may be our friend or our greatest foe
    After midnight, we wonder if it would serve us well
    We know we can't always anticipate, let alone dream
    But it is nonetheless a brand new beginning
    And then we ask ourselves: will we survive another storm?
    The only thing I can say to you for now is
    Only time can tell

    2016 is slowly coming to a close, and it definitely had its moments. Now, what will 2017 bring I wonder?

    Well with that said, happy new year to you all