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A Tragedy Beyond Words at Stoney Creek, Ontario

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  • A Tragedy Beyond Words at Stoney Creek, Ontario

    On Christmas Eve night
    At about 4am a family
    Of four plus 2 pet dogs burned to death
    In their cottage at Stoney Lake

    Of the 4000 sq ft timber frame cottage
    Only a charred chimney remains
    No reason for the horrific blaze
    Has been discovered

    There is no poem here
    Only an incomprehensible emptiness
    That eats at those who loved
    And remember the Taber family

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    My condolences - if you knew them personally or not - this is truly a tragedy, and this commemoration is kind of you Tanner.


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      RLW, Thank you for your comments. I used to work nearby at a school on the street where this family lived. Both parents were lawyers and they were engaged in a number of charitable activities. They had two handsome teenage sons. I tried to imagine how I would feel if this horrific event happened to my son and his family. I couldn't go there.

      On a more positive note, best wishes to you and your family for an enjoyable 2017.