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  • Roll on Ohio

    As if you need a name

    From the bank by which your framed

    Spider veined mountain arteries

    That carry down the rain

    The mountains know you

    Sediment’s vessel

    Floating logs like giant corks

    They discarded

    Coursing water, shape changer

    Natures tailor

    Long blue silver thread

    Until thunder heads

    Raise in rage clay red

    Cursed, dammed

    On you, cities are build

    With hope to tame you

    Hold back your mighty force

    From your appointed course

    Have them walk your rocky beaches

    The mountains have tried

    Roll on Ohio, roll on

    Let the waters race

    As I cool my feet

    Generations speak

    Only the sea shall stop you

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    All good things must come to an end. This year, this poem, and the Ohio. However divot, you will continue to write poems in 2017, and the river will keep rollin. Happy New Year Mr D!


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      Beautiful nature reflection divot! I've not yet seen the Ohio River, but from your description, it sounds lovely.


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        Thanks Bobby , back at you. I have to say I ask ten young people the other day “is the river named for the state or is the state named after the river” Seven out of ten said the river was named for the state. You gotta wonder.


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          divot, either way the state of the river is alive and well.


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            OutSTANDING write, divot. I love the vitality and inventiveness of this riverine eulogy. Zesta!


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              Enjoyed reading this divot

              I could feel this:

              As I cool my feet

              Generations speak


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                Very well done, divot! I can see the water flowing even though I've only seen the Ohio river from its start in Pittsburgh. (And to think I first thought this was a commentary on the upcoming CFP championship game. I'll grudgingly be cheering Ohio State even though they lost to my alma mater. :-)


                • Muttado1sb
                  Muttado1sb commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Well, Ohio State got rolled. Through rapids and sent over the falls.