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  • "Google Fiber"

    Google Fiber Cover.jpg
    Google’s in our neighborhood,
    pissed off folks – all likelihood.
    Did not ask – just dug through yards,
    down the block – a deck of cards.

    Fiber’s sold – a grand improvement,
    reality’s a bowel movement.
    A great big flop is what I see,
    from where I sit – just might be me?

    A souvenir they gave to me,
    in my front lawn for all to see.
    Am grateful now – so aglow,
    got less grass I need to mow.
    Last edited by BobGrantKC; 12-11-2016, 08:44 AM.

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    I'm surprised they didn't brand label the box. Nice that your permission wasn't required for their diggin, though it was probably in a EULA you agreed to when you used Google Search or one of their other tools. I have to admit, when I saw ''Fiber'' in the title I was thinking, it being one of your poems, it had something to do with digestion. I'm happy you did slip it in. :-) Very fun, BobGrant!


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      Thank you.