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  • Perish

    The bitter sunrise
    Breeds this disorder
    Breathing to stay alive
    The body in a state
    Of torpor

    Nervous tension
    Feel the poison breeze
    The harsh inception
    Slowly tearing the world
    By its seams

    Brave the winter storm
    Crumbling landscape
    Tragedy forewarned
    You are to acknowledge
    This twisted fate

    Time to perish
    Against your will
    You once stood with pride
    With your head held high
    But now Mother Nature
    Will make her kill

    Glorious wreckage
    Life in a frozen world
    Yet you somehow managed
    To pull through but not this time
    When dark waters swirl

    A howl from the distance
    While darkness surrounds
    You once dreamt of resistance
    But now, find your soul interred
    Six feet down

    Beauty forever gone
    Total annihilation
    You had braved for this long
    But I will return and hold back
    Your resurrection


    Winter can only mean one thing: death to nature (and the subject compared to a precious flower, doomed for extinction). The content is rather similar to "I Am The Wind", where that previously looked at the ruthlessness of Mother Nature.

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    You write of nature in a beautiful fashion Bry89. Things do indeed look bleak when winter landscapes hold for fore. My papa, who is a farmer, taught me years ago how necessary the winter freeze is for full germination of the wheat. So I see beauty in the bleakness too. And I see beauty in your verse. Thank you.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Oh, I didn't know of that interesting fact. Thanks for sharing it with me, and once again thank you for your kind words

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    The word 'howl' is very powerful! I hate to be caught in the howling wind on a chilly day! You have certainly mastered bleakness in poetry, Bry!


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      What beautiful poetry! I am pleased to read! You feel fine winter)
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