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A Love Letter to Apathy.

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  • A Love Letter to Apathy.

    I'm truly in love with carelessness.
    She's there for me in my distress.
    She pushes all my problems away,
    She lets me relax on my off-days.

    Because I'm tired of standing for something.
    I'd much rather stand for nothing
    Just let the slow swirl of apathy
    Take control of me completely

    I don't want to proclaim opinion.
    I don't plan to spread my vision.
    I want to accept things as they are.
    I want my lack of care to spread far.

    I don't want to drive, I want to ride.
    I don't care to live, I don't care to die.
    I don't care to stay, I don't care to move,
    I really don't care if it's all lies or truth.

    I don't care for classics or tradition.
    I don't care for new found hedonism.
    Believe in ancient religion or Darwinism
    Or both. Or neither, join me in nihilism.

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    I hear ya, Benjamin. It can all seem a chasing after wind, nothing new under the sun; vanity, vanity ...

    It reminds me a little of Keats' 'half in love with easeful death', and Yeats' 'the best lack all conviction'.



    • benjaminallentx
      benjaminallentx commented
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      Sometimes all you want to is to not care.

      A comparison to Keats is far too kind. But thank you regardless.

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    Well, one great thing about feeling this way is that you can get along with everyone - or no one - or wait - no matter - WHO CARES??? This is one for the weary souls Benjamin - because some days - some moments - it really can seem like just too much trouble. My only issue with apathy has ever been that I tend to like the ups and downs - so I couldn't settle between for very long. I think you captured the feeling beautifully in your phrasing.


    • benjaminallentx
      benjaminallentx commented
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      Thank you, I truly appreciate the feedback.
      I find myself often being opinionated and lacking all care at the same time. So occasionally I have to draw my own line. Is it possible to be ambitious and apathetic?

    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Totally. Maybe not simultaneously, but the shift between can be instantaneous, so seems imperceptible. A wide emotional range is great for poetry! Just write fast.

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    Ah, the poem of ''whatever''. I'm just glad not everyone is this way. Nicely done, benjamin!


    • benjaminallentx
      benjaminallentx commented
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      The funny thing is, I added the like about how "I" want my lack of care to spread far. So obviously this character does care in some way. He craves more carelessness. But I tend to think people that care make the world a better place.

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    Hi, b, I think apathy is a temporary condition, and even so, I believe one can be apathetically ambitious, or ambitiously apathetic, But thinking further, an apathetic just needs a little shove in the right direction, and all of a sudden, we have a fanatic!