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  • Beauty of Art

    Beauty is only skin deep
    Yet arts beauty can confound
    Does it have its masters depth
    Or intended for display

    Is it leaning to meaning
    Signposting admirers way
    Or a deadend well presented
    Pretty design but vacant

    Art can speak Art can reflect
    Art can absorb or refute
    Great art is unniversal
    Shares emotion with ease

    Can grasp the Intangible
    Following rules that evolve
    Using language that lives
    Convening meetingsof hearts

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    P Poet I Liked this much! I had one small inflection. Eleventh line, "Great art is universal". All art is universal!!!!!!!! My older sister is an accomplished published artist and writer. She once told me. Never be ashamed of your art However great or small, The mind is universal and so is all art! For example a child's first structured crayon drawing or sketch, will never reach the art critics eyes
    but to a loved one this is more grand than any master could ever create in a life time. One universe, one life time,great or small, no shame, one art are we all. Thank You Jon!!!!!! For inspiration!
    Please I hope that I have not insulted you!! TS


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      I like this a lot Jon. Many times I've questioned myself - or attempts - because I have no deep background in the 'greats'. Yet the process of creating, even at my own level, brings such release and reward. I agree with TS too - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and isn't it wonderful that we all can see different things?? Nicely done - again.


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        From a philosophical standpoint, why is art and the creation of art of such importance to humankind? Is it instinctual to imitate Creation itself inasmuch as we are created in God's image?