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Birth of Karma

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  • Birth of Karma

    The legionnaire holds his gladius aloft
    Challenge to the rampant overwhelming horde
    Fate still his own as his sword Morta's scissors
    Cut the thread of his enemies existence

    His comrades rally around him dispencing death
    Decuma yet to measure his length of thread
    Spots sisters Nona's anger at earlier rape
    Sisters huddle the Parcae discuss affront

    Nona's thwarted by rapes termination
    Births an idea as a worthy replacement
    Victim emerges stabs hero in jugular
    Holds scissors dripping blood.says I am Karma

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    Again, showing your range, Pp. This time poeticizing an historical/mythical figure. Well done!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Mytholgybased poetry not usually my cup of tea but fate and Karma are concepts that interest me.I started this with the Greek fates but felt their roman counterparts semed more connected to child birth. I decided to combine them with the Indian concept of Karma.