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  • The Unknown

    Walk out from the grass
    Away from lofty hills
    Down towards the winding path
    Through the winter chill

    An exit seemed obvious
    A grand voyage done alone
    But suddenly, I have lost track
    And never be close to home

    Wandering in circles
    As the night slowly grows
    When colours darken at their worst
    Anxiety will show

    A way out is beyond my reach
    I feel it tingling my face
    With bearings lost I will never
    Get the hell out of this place

    The clouds disperse as I wander
    Time is melting as senses go numb
    Stranded in the pitch-black labyrinth
    Without guidance of the sun

    While others may be safe and sound
    I am stuck here, just waiting to freeze
    If I could I can scream and shout as skies darken
    But no one will ever hear me

    I am lost in the unknown
    Amongst the frost and withered trees
    I thought I had it set in stone
    But now I have lost the key to set myself free

    A journey to the unknown
    A quandary that should not have come at all
    I am to reap what I sow
    And now I'm waiting for disaster to befall


    This is in relation to the predicament that happened to me two weeks ago where, I found myself lost trying to get home after an expedition I took that day, and will never forget it. What is described above was what that day was like... bitterly cold and how dark it was quickly becoming, and did fear for my life that day. I have to admit, I did get myself lost before but the other times weren't as bad as this.
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    Quite the quandary. You can feel the panic building. I'm glad you eventually found your way out. Nice poem, Bry89.
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    • Bry89
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      I did, yes, after an HOUR trying to find the way out and I was almost freezing to death, and with paranoia setting in too. Thank you for the feedback also. Much appreciated

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    I have recurring nightmares of being lost and never finding my way out. I am only safe when I awaken. This really hit home for me, Bry!


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      Anyone who loves the mountains and trails I believe always has this in the back of their minds. What if? Glad you made oit out OK and you chronicled your escape in fine fashion.


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        I can't imagine when a trek that seems innocent enough at the start turns into a frightening scenario like this. I agree - you've painted the picture very well Bry89!


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          Hello Bry89, A fearsome experience, you must have been exasperated, with yourself for getting lost and the whole world for not knowing where you were. You have expressed your experience in depth of feeling, apt poetics and fine storytelling. Regards, Tony.


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            A well written account! I was with you every step of the way Bry89 . Had you not said that this was about a real life adventure i might have read into a harrowing experience of life itself.... emotions experiences when lost within events faced at times when we must find our way.... I will go back and read this again.

            A favorite part:

            While others may be safe and sound
            I am stuck here, just waiting to freeze
            If I could I can scream and shout as skies darken
            But no one will ever hear me

            I have felt this.... alone in my bed.


            • Bry89
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              Yes, that was my favourite verse also. An ideal way to end it, and I actually did want to scream my lungs out that day but I knew at the back of my mind that nobody would hear me.

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            Bry89, Story well told!!! I used to hunt with my dad when I was a young boy and we got lost in the mountains of PA. on a very bitter cold day. ten hours of hiking, five in the dark. This gave me every pun intended CHILLS!!!!!