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    To all my RhymeZone Friends:

    As an experiment, which I hope will prove useful to many of you, I have created an unmoderated private group where you can post poems you hope to publish in a poetry journal or enter in a contest without fear of having them disqualified for having been previously published in a public forum. Normal rules of netiquette apply. The goal is to have everyone participate who would like to participate. This group is not meant to divert postings away from the Share poetry and lyrics forum, but to encourage poets to post work for our reading pleasure (and critique, if requested) they might otherwise not post.

    Hopefully, the above link will take you there.

    To ensure privacy, admission is by invitation only, but if you think you would like to post in, or simply view other posts in the group, please ask me to invite you, and I will invite you.

    Please feel free to express your thoughts about previously published material here in the Share poetry and lyrics forum for general discussion.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    P.S. When you accept your invitation, you might also wish to subscribe to the group to receive notifications of new postings.
    I recommend you hold your postings until I announce we have our tenth member.

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    I think this is a great idea well done


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      I'm interested.


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        great idea! I'm in


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          I hope more members will join the group to see the delicious secrets inside!
          Don't miss out!
          See details in original post.

          When you join, please also Subscribe to the group to see new posts as they arrive.
          The millionth person to join will receive a brand new Lear Jet and free and clear title to a Caribbean island!*

          - a shameless solicitation with some inexcusable puffery and some outright lies, but well-intended nonetheless!

          Small print follows.
          I could not find a smaller font.

          *assuming we can find a sponsor


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            thanks for the invite. Great idea! Be gentle with me please! lol
            Last edited by imrogue; 12-12-2016, 06:38 AM.


            • MHenry
              MHenry commented
              Editing a comment
              Thank you for joining and subscribing, imrogue!
              You are the ninth member!

              There will be no spankings on MY watch!

            • Parkinsonspoet
              Parkinsonspoet commented
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              I am sure we are all reassured by your respect for horology

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            We have ten members and are off and running!
            I have made my first post.
            If you are not joined, and want to join, please ask to join.
            If you are joined and not subscribed, please subscribe.


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              Are there secret rituals?
              Handshakes at set intervals?
              Conservatives or Liberals?
              Privates or their Generals?
              Yoga Pants or Overalls?
              This might be them Big Windfalls,
              keep my Rhymes off Bathroom Walls.