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  • Everyman has the Diy chromosone

    I am a man and don't know why
    Genetically skilled in DIY
    In my cupboard have the tools
    Just follow the diy rules

    Don't read instructions until you blunder
    Construction with a sense of wonder
    Parts missing is it all here
    Under control don't worry dear

    Why are the wires in a tangle
    Why does it tilt at that angle
    I will fix it with my hammer
    Surely that's the proper manner

    Next chapter in this epic
    Is a story of the attic
    Hanging up cascade of seashell
    Surely this has to go well

    Ornament to hang from a beam
    In dining room where it can be seen
    Went up above in the attic
    Beam disappeared as if by magic

    Forgot had gone up much more
    Bedroom between on intervening floor
    Then it dawned, stepped back to retreat
    Rotten board broke under my feet

    Wife called to check how I was feeling
    As I lay foot through hole in the ceiling
    How did it happen what was I doing
    Prides turn for fall as I was reviewing
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    I like this one a lot too Parkinsonspoet! You are turning them out, funny, rhymed, with a very relate-able message. Nicely done!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Well done many people try really hard to break through a glass ceiling but with no effort at all I lead the wrong way through a plasterboard ceiling

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    Instructions? We ain't go no instructions. We don't need no instructions! We don't have to show you any stinking instructions!
    Love this one, Pp!


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      MHenry your enjoyment is my reward

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    you are on A ROLL another good one PP!


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      Parkinsonspoet love this. Let's tell Santa
      No tools for Christmas please!