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    A recipe for poet crumble

    A recipe for poet crumble
    Best served hot by the humble
    Take some words find a rhyme
    Keep a beat line by line

    Add a metaphor
    Who knows what its for
    Aliteration abounds
    Association all round

    Construct a lyrical flow
    About somethingthat you know
    Hazy description
    Hayesian vision

    Henrician climax
    Twist and turn with the facts
    End with a rumble
    Serve poet crumble

    This ones for you grant hayes
    Last edited by Parkinsonspoet; 11-21-2016, 01:42 AM.

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    I like this Pp! You're a master chef in the poetic kitchen to turn out a treat like this!


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      good one PP! ill add it to the thanksgiving menu


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        A loving tribute to the Zone's own GHayes! Well done, Pp!


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          Not sure I'm ending up on the right side of the crumbling process, Parkinsonspoet, but this is a delightful piece of rhymed wit. Thank you; I salute! 😊


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            Incidentally, the previous is my post number 2520. That happens to be the lowest number into which the numbers 1 to 10 may all be divided wholly. It's my favorite number.


            • MHenry
              MHenry commented
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              That is a piece of mathematical information sure to delight!

            • RhymeLovingWriter
              RhymeLovingWriter commented
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              Ah - a numbers man to the core!