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A Spot of Rum

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  • lunar glide
    love this one maestro! it has a festive way just in time for holidays 😄

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  • Bobby Del Boy
    6 thumbs up MH!

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  • MHenry
    started a topic A Spot of Rum

    A Spot of Rum

    A Spot of Rum

    Pray tell me, Father Murphy
    Might you have a spot of rum?
    I’ve left mine in the galley
    And I’ve quite a thirst for some

    Yes, I do, dear Brother John
    A spot or two of rum
    It’s stowed among the vestments
    Where I often go when glum

    May I walk you there, my Father?
    Perhaps, we’ll share a spot of rum
    For my throat is parched and sober
    It’s quite a burden on the tongue

    Follow me, dear Brother John
    Let us share a spot of rum
    In the corner of the sacristy
    Where I also keep some crumbs

    So, Father Murphy and Brother John
    Shared a spot or two of rum
    When in traipsed Sister Mary
    With a bandage on her thumb

    Father Murphy and Brother John
    Drank a wee bit too much rum
    They called to Sister Mary
    Would you like to join us, mum?

    Sister Mary was a stickler
    She could not abide the rum
    But her thumb was madly throbbing
    So, she joined her drunken chums

    Father, Brother, and Sister, too
    When they’d finished all the rum
    They passed out in the sacristy
    Where they slept ‘till morning come