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Your Own Regret

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  • Your Own Regret

    This dark feeling
    This quandary
    That made you something
    More than a mockery

    For what's been said
    For what you have done
    My sympathy for you
    May be little or none

    This one mistake
    This situation
    To the one of merriment
    And celebration

    For what's happened
    For your own selfish ways
    Careless for your own actions
    A disgrace for the day

    Some feel sorry
    Where others are not
    The rules that you were once taught
    You ditched and then forgot

    And now it's come to this
    You can't turn back the hands
    They have rusted with this predicament
    And I hope you understand

    You tried one thing
    But it didn't seem to work
    It was the wrong time
    When danger had lurked

    Your own regret
    Deep ingrained in you
    For what you wanted to do
    You never thought it through


    Mistakes and errors... you can't undo them regardless of how serious they may be, and one has no choice but to stand by them.
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    Sometimes mistakes are catastrophic, but as you so poetically point out you still must own up to and learn from it. Even if the lesson is harsh. Nicely done, Bry89!


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      Very universal appeal here Bry89. I'm guessing each of us can recognize a time when this applied to us! Your rhyme in the 2nd & 4th lines of each stanzas help create a mild cadence when read aloud. Nice.


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        Thank you, both of you. This makes me really happy I had a lot of fun writing this, especially when I knew what I was about to say when writing this and didn't want to make the subject feel sorry for whatever he/she as done. It's not all about mistakes anyone can do, it can be of something they had tried to do and thought it'd go well but would ruin them badly in the end.


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          Hi, Bry89, This is a thoughtful piece to which everyone can relate. We all make mistakes, sometimes countless ones, every day. I used to tell my kids in middle school Find 'em, fix 'em, forget 'em, but unfortunately it isn't that easy in so many cases.