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  • Accountability

    Accountability is like that medicine we all refused to take as kids
    Our parents tried to burden us with it
    But we said "fuck this"
    Why should we own up?
    When the officers who kill innocent people
    Never get anything other than
    A pat on the back from the cold hand that is regression
    This is the new Great Depression
    Except we all have cameras
    And leave our brethren to suffer
    Is there no other life to live?
    I don't want my kids turning on the news and seeing someone who looks like them senselessly murdered
    If only those news cameras weren't so hung up on their numbers
    We'd probably see some truth and change
    Instead of a rearranged perception of how we view one another
    But you know,
    Go ahead and get hung up on the latest celebrity blunder
    It's not as if any of this is happening to you

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    I've been trying intentionally to look for the good - and avoid some of the bloviating as part of my news accountabliity - and trying to spread the positive to others when I come across that too. Nice write Xom - don't lose hope.


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      While I found this entire write moving and incredible the last line hit me very hard. You are so very right- it is not happening to me. I wrote the poem below with that very feeling in mind. Questioning my right to perhaps pretend to feel your pain to justify myself and allow me to feel righteous.

      Why do we weep?
      This is not our pain.
      This loss is yours.
      Do we cheapen your suffering
      with our tears?

      Why do we weep?
      We don't know you.
      We cannot feel your pain,
      cannot heal your wounds
      With our tears.

      Why do we weep?
      We have no permission
      to seek personal comfort
      by intruding upon your sadness
      with our tears.

      Why do we weep?
      Because we dwell among the enlightened
      in a special heaven
      seeking to free the ignorant
      with our holy tears?

      Why do we weep?
      Are we not supposed to?
      Is it not our duty
      To anoint you
      with our holy tears?

      How dare we weep,
      seeping tears of pretense
      that will dry upon
      unseen faces.


      • rhymetime
        rhymetime commented
        Editing a comment
        May I add - I would do more. I just don't know what more looks like.

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      To do something meaningful, it may be that one must be willing to sacrifice everything. Perhaps, that is why it is hard to recruit those who are not among the oppressed, or even to organize those who are so oppressed in sufficient numbers.