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Volatile Concoction (Inspired by, Tony Grannell and Mr. Hayes)

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  • Muttado1sb
    ''yet pray / the house divided / stand.'' That we must. Nice pulling together from two wonderful poems to create your own original wonderwork!

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  • grant hayes
    Bursts with urgent music.

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  • Tanner
    DWAYNE, you need no inspiration from others! You are a splendid fountain of brilliance; more than that, your eloquence is an ocean in which I would gladly down.

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  • MHenry
    Very nicely done, Dwayne. This reads like an anthem. It is at once powerful and beautiful.

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    We need a multiple likes button here - that's all there is to it! Your eloquence preceded you by reputation Dwayne, but this - this inspired piece truly sings. I was praying before. Now I'm praying more. Thank you.

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  • Volatile Concoction (Inspired by, Tony Grannell and Mr. Hayes)

    That we
    amidst the trenches cower,
    wipe the slogan-ed placards bare,
    curse the night
    for all its darkness
    neither match nor flare.

    And bluffed the pitches
    set to stumble
    over these mendacities,
    to the ether
    trepidatious anxieties.

    Yet mourn
    the torches smoked of fire,
    and find
    the scales of justice skewed,
    to sip
    this volatile concoction
    scalded to the cauldron brewed.

    Beware the rickety precipice
    which propped the nation
    in unity band,
    now set the factions
    at a variance,
    yet pray
    the house divided


    I wrote this poem immediately after reading'Twas Always Thus, by Tony Grannell, and Her Tryhard, 1918, by Mr. Hayes.

    Occasionally, I am inspired by a poet, but rarely by 2 brilliant scribes, simultaneously.

    The work of these fine poets so inspired me, that this poem just leaped right out of my soul.

    I encourage all to read their eloquent work.
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