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  • Phosphorous (P)

    Herr Hennig Brand,
    an alchemist,
    trying for gold
    made phosphorous

    It's not what he
    set out to do
    as through his wives'
    money he flew

    His intent was
    to make his own
    magical stone

    But this glowing
    odd white substance
    turned out to be
    a happy chance

    He didn't know
    what it could do
    but hoped it brought
    him closer to

    finding the stone
    to make him gold
    So it's secret
    he meant to hold

    But later on
    he realized
    that on its own
    it would be prized

    He sold it as
    an oddity
    for glowing stuff
    was fun to see

    The recipe
    he first kept close,
    and to be frank,
    it is quite gross

    To make this stuff,
    this is no myth,
    he collected
    then started with

    fifteen hundred
    gallons, you see
    of human waste;
    hot boiling pee

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    When I first read this I thought it was a joke Muttado1sb. But then I googled it and lo and behold - it's a thing! And you went and made it rhyme - amazing! Thank you for the poem, and for the new factoids in addition.


    • Muttado1sb
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      I forget where or why I read the story of phosphorous, but when I read ''hot boiling pee'' I decided it had to be a poem. I must have been in an odd mood that day. :-) Thanks, RLW!

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    I have learnt something and enjoyed it -what more could I ask


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      Thank you, Parkinsonspoet! So did I when I read about it, and it was fun to write. I'm glad you enjoyed!

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    Hi, Muttado1sb, This is a very interesting story I hadn't heard before. 1,500 gallons of hot boiling pee! He could have visited the elephant habitat at the zoo and collected that after breakfast! I enjoyed this pretty ditty!


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      Thank you, MHenry! I imagine it had to be human urine for whatever the alchemy requirement he was working with. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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    I think if I was alive back then and he saw my kidney stone he wouldn't have had to boil all that p. Really enjoyed


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you, The second! I just wonder how he collected it back then, and what the laboratory where he stored and boiled it must have smelled like. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem!