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  • 'Twas Always Thus

    Who wears the hide knew not the beast,
    the butcher’s pride on which we feast.
    The slaughtered hope, the truth, the lamb;
    ’twas always thus, the ways of man.

    ’Twas too our bent to slash and burn,
    pollute for loot without concern.
    Let rivers flow to soil and dam;
    ’twas always thus, the ways of man.

    Obese the brutes in brutal greed
    yet throw away what others need.
    To do as want because we can;
    ’twas always thus, the ways of man.

    Of pomp and bling, of coin and fame,
    of gods and pimps ’tis all the same.
    Deny, decry; who gives a damn?
    ’Twas always thus, the ways of man.

    We whinge, we moan, we plod along
    yet still we hum the same old song.
    As pawns we must, our masters’ plan;
    ’twas always thus, the ways of man.

    The taints, the bribes, the backroom tricks,
    the broken oaths, ’tis politics!
    Let moolah talk, ’tis in the can;
    ’twas always thus, the ways of man.

    To war again, to cull and maim,
    our heroes, hail, our tombs of fame.
    ‘Our widows’ pride’, the papers ran;
    ’twas always thus, the ways of man.

    Where evil reigns beneath the truths,
    where men and lies in vile cahoots.
    Of plots and plans, ’tis all a scam;
    ’twas always thus, the ways of man.

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    Well, that about wraps it up for man, I suppose. A skilfully wrought excoriation, in jaundiced prophetic style.


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      Tony, Tony - a rhyme-fested layering of sins galore. We need not doubt the truth of it - but oh, how that truth hurts. Very well versed sir!


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        'Twas always thus, but 'twasn't always written out as well as this. Well done, Tony.


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          Brilliant, eloquent, poetic truth.

          A spear-pointed exclamation of the mortal condition.

          That first stanza is a masterpiece, within a masterpiece!


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            A well rhymed summary of sin yet despite the Twas always thus the ways of man repetition perhaps because of its old style language the hope that the future will be different stays with me


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              Very well done, Tony. I enjoyed the diatribe and the refrain. 'twas always thus, I am afraid from the time the first cell divided. 'twas not Brother, I love you! but rather, this planet is not big enough for both of us!


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                Was once pointed out to me that one good turn deserves another, it seems the screw gets tighter until the head is broken. This pilot hole you've drilled will keep it straight and the truth won't deviate


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                  Thank you, Tony! I've been travelling and was without internet, but getting back to the forum, I have realized how much I missed it, and your beautiful verse in particular! You remain one of my favorite poets I have ever had pleasure reading!

                  The realization that " 'twas always thus" forced me to look for answers. What is life? Why are we here? Why is it always thus? The questions are plenty, the answers are illusive. I could never see the light while looking into the darkness, but at times I am able to glimpse beyond the dark side of man, and see that it is not real - not his true nature. And yet, that's what appears to be seen on the surface.

                  Here is a poem by Bobby Del Boy that urges us to try and look beyond the sin we see in our brothers:
                  I brought back See the Soul after I photographed this Lovely Shack See the souls behind the faces it's where real beauty lies Look inside where our creator

                  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!


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                    Hello Grant, yes it's time to throw in the towel and over the cliff with us all - well - tomorrow perhaps or the day after? Very kind of you to respond and I do thank you. Regards, Tony.


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                      Hello RhymeLovingWriter, You called me, 'sir', that's a first for me and very welcome I may add. Yes sins galore and more but where there be devils, angels too (I hope).I do thank you so very much for your reply to this one. You are well, I hope, Tony.


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                        Hello Muttado, Your response is uplifting and great for the spirit and it is so very much appreciated. Regards, Tony.


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                          Hello Dwayne, Once again you treat me like a master, I am truly humbled and you give me confidence which I have always lacked and inspiration which I have always sought. I offer my gratitude with unbounded sincerity. Do take care now, Tony.


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                            Hello Parkinsonspoet, You are correct, this poem is only one side of the tale. One could write tomes on the greatness of man, without hope we have nothing. In history good has always prevailed over bad, to paraphrase, Gandhi; albeit pity the cost. So decent of you to reply and I do thank you. Regards, Tony.


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                              Hello MHenry, I think it all stems from the many forms of hate, manifested in power, greed and fanaticism. As you say, not much room for us all if there're allowed to thrive. Thank you very much for your fine response. Regards, Tony.