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From skin to dust

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  • From skin to dust

    Parkinson's superhero has dandruff as a superpower
    So many skinflakes as though had dermatitis shower
    Under the hairline my head starts to disintegrate
    Virtual crash helmet of skinflakes on pate

    Head itchy and sore under the sun
    Flakes on lenses sunglasses are on
    My chat up lines are less than effective
    Head acts as a type of contraceptive

    Yet I still live as I turn to dust
    Thank god I have yet to start to rust
    Won't be as bad after Drs review
    With the help of a medicated shampoo

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    Your handling your plight like a super hero Jon and inspiring us all.


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
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      Head and shoulders above everyone else

    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      I just now caught this poem in the queue Jon. 'Head and Shoulders' - you are a witty one!

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    "Yet I still live as I turn to dust."

    With head bowed and tears cried I shall repeat this line forever


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
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      that would be a shame as you have much to say that is worth listening to

    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
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      I shall continue to speak until this flesh becomes dust.
      A promise to you

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    Parkinsonspoet, you are an inspiration. I hope you can get the dust under control. So far your writing is showing no signs of getting rusty. Very nicely written.


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      LOL , I love this head snow storm of a poem. What can you do with beer?


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        Hello Parkinsonspoet, All is not well in love and dandruff, there's allot to be said for baldness - a polished pate might become you, maidens fare clamoring all over you. I really enjoyed reading this one - quiet unique, I would say, as I'm sure you are, in all that is gallant and wise with a hint of fine humour. Very well done indeed. Regards, Tony


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          The gem of a line 'yet I still live as I turn to dust' conjures images of a skeleton in a chair disintegrating still clicking the TV remote. Your humor is in fine form, here, Pp.


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            I know I have commented on this verse before but I feel that I must again. One line haunts me:

            ​​​​​​"Yet I still live as I turn to dust "

            The human condition so succinctly verbalized