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  • Beautiful country

    At the age of twenty three, after working two grueling years seven days a week, I set out on a once in a life time adventure
    In those two years I planned and save enough money to buy a new motor cycle,camping gear, camping fees and food and embark on a sight seeing journey that lasted over
    three months, thirty five states,four provinces of Canada and over seventeen thousand miles traveled. Starting out in then my home of Daytona beach
    I traveled to see A Beautiful Country!!!!!!


    I have stood on the edge and inside our canyons great and grand
    First hand
    Some smaller in fashion
    But all worth the stand
    I saw a dead Sea red river flowing to the coast
    After being fifteen times dammed
    I have been into the mountains that look like the clouds from a distance
    Across a land that couldn’t catch the sun
    Wild horses run
    Free in bronze fields along with the cattle
    Lips blister and crack from the wind
    I straddle a motored saddle
    Out of the badlands I roamed
    Through the black hills
    I saw the faces of men carved into the granite
    From there, my ridding was beginning to hone
    I descended again from the mountains
    To see the diamond jeweled waters of Lake Yellowstone
    To Jackson Hole to see the Tetons encroach
    I saw the meadows that drifted into marshes
    Where a male alces grazed, majestic boast
    His mighty antlered head he raised
    I hesitate my approach
    I went to where the glaciers lived
    Where the Blackfoot crawls
    Out of the cut rock
    The bird women falls
    The Big Horn and the Brown bear are like kings
    Just before dusk the Olive sided Fly Catcher sings
    Through the rare night a panhandle ride
    Alberta north
    The Snake River to my south side
    Coming then going was Coeur d’Alene
    With the dawn still far behind me I reached the outskirts of Spokane.

    To be continued if you want

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    please continue! politics aside the national parks are one of the great things in America 😄


    • The second
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      HI L Glide, Hope that meant that you liked what you read. Thank you for taking time to read and the plea for more. God and the day willing I hope to deliver!!

    • lunar glide
      lunar glide commented
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      I truly did enjoy your poem!

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    Definitely continue, TS. Good for you for making a dream come true! Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure and your poetic description of it is to be enjoyed. Of course, what are you going to do to top it?


    • The second
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      Hello Muttado1sb, is it an insult if I call you Mutta? Thank you for your comment!!!! Here comes a bunch of clciches. words can't describe! Sleeping beneath the stars. Being one with nature. being free on the open road. Coast to Coast. To top it off, I'm not sure. I think I might just surround it with more detailed accounts of certain places and things that happened there along the way. Does that sound OK?

    • Muttado1sb
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      No insult at all, TS, though Mutt would probably be easier. I look forward to reading about what you did and where you were. A dream trip told in verse by a talented poet, what's not OK?

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    Yes, continue. Though I've seen a few of those places - I'm sure there are many I haven't - and I'd love to hear of them through your verse!


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      RLW Hello again and hopefully again, and again I thank You for reading and enjoying!!! It spurs me on in so many ways!


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        The second as if your trip wasn't epic enough, your written poetic journal tops it off like those heads on Rushmore. I love this type of poetry/story telling. What a gift we all have to be able to journal our way through life. Tis a beautiful thing!