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  • What Am I?

    What Am I?

    Having a deep respect – so great –
    For Bible, Christians, their traits,
    Yet am I one? – I’m not, can’t be –
    For my eyes sin have ceased to see.

    Studying Buddhism in my short life
    Did help to realize the strife,
    And such a meaningless pretense –
    But would it be such an offense,

    To still insist with question pure –
    What Am I? What path offers cure?
    Buddhist I’m neither, though respect
    Is just the same – I can’t neglect –

    The Truth and Wisdom of each way –
    Each points to Truth, yet we delay
    To follow truly what we’re taught
    And pray to pointers – all for naught.

    Not having a TV to watch
    The time goes slower on my watch;
    No interest in gossip void,
    Makes one’s life totally devoid –

    Of any waste, even of time,
    Of all the hurdles and the crime,
    Which we project through judging “sin” –
    Seeing in others what’s within.

    Writing the poetry divine
    (Which I can’t say yet about mine)
    Does not help Truth to understand –
    Being a poet – can’t pretend.

    And going still about my life
    Each day – a struggle to survive,
    Yet am I body? – I am not,
    It’s just a shell in which I’m caught.

    The question still stands – “What am I?” –
    An empty question in my eye!
    But take away the needless “what”
    And you stand closer to One God.

    Without the “what”, what we have left –
    But “Am I?” And with all respect –
    I Am, my friend – just as You Are,
    We stand as One – Truth Is – not far.
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    You express your journey so well through poetry Anatoliy. It sounds like you are finding peace.


    • AnatoliyS
      AnatoliyS commented
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      Thank you, RLW. We are all finding peace – each in their own way. The difference between all of us is time. Keeping in mind time's illusionary nature, there is no difference at all.

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    I deeply appreciate your message and presentation


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      Originally posted by rhymetime View Post
      I deeply appreciate your message and presentation
      Thank you, Rhymetime! I have tried to reflect part of my spiritual path in this poem - not such an easy thing to do! If I succeeded, at least in part – that's all I could ask for.

      The main point, I guess, is expressed in this stanza:

      The Truth and Wisdom of each way –
      Each points to Truth, yet we delay
      To follow truly what we’re taught
      And pray to pointers – all for naught.
      Bible, Buddhist teachings, Hindu, Islamic works, many modern "new-age" books – point to the same Truth in the end, for Truth can be only one. The trap in which many are caught is that they take the teachings, the words themselves to be Holy. Language is a faulty means of expressing infinite wisdom, so the best it can do is point towards the direction of the Truth. In a sense, all these paths (mine included) are road signs, saying "God is there". The problem is when devotees are kneeling before the sign, building sophisticated rituals around it, persecuting others who fail to recognize their road sign as Holy, etc.

      Naturally, praying to the road sign and kneeling before it, they fail to take even a single step away from the road sign itself and towards the Truth to which it points.

      We can discuss the painting, no matter how beautifully done, of a delicious jar of honey, but we will never experience the taste of that divine honey looking at that picture and arguing (for eons) how that jar of honey should be interpreted correctly.