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  • Kitten

    Freeze tense pounce
    Grab hold bounce
    Kitten smitten with play
    Adventures today

    Snakes writhe on shoe
    Not just laces to chew
    Shiny chase reflection
    Life joyous confection

    Trail of devastation
    As i explore my location
    Everything that move
    Joins my playful groove

    Owner picks up to scold
    Bite the hand that holds
    As I wrestle with fingers
    He laughs bite marks lingers

    From floor to top of curtain pole
    Oh dear net curtain has bigger holes
    Hmmm seem to be out of luck
    Wait for owner as up I am stuck

    Meow I call as he looks
    Big sigh as claws unhook
    He puts me on the floor
    Scamper away once more

    Perky ears and big eyes
    Inexperienced not wise
    Hey a box I must get in
    Gerroff let me go you can't win

    Free again spin around chase my tail
    Turn spin other way but still fail
    Lie down for a rest I am tired
    After a bit I will resume hotwired
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    This is a reposting but reposted because yesterday I received the first printed copy of a childrens book of 7 of my poems. They are illustrated by a friend. It is not published but am having copies printed to raise money for Children in need. I wanted to thank the zone including MHenry and grant hayes as this is one of the directions I receivd a lot of encouragement. So one of the poems is reposted with the pictures .although it wont allow me to display the pictures properly gives me a permissions error
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    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      Congratulations, Jon! I remember this post. I liked it the first time and I like it the second time just as much! The pictures are great, too. Good Luck with this. I am sure you will make a lot of children smile.

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    Freeze tense pounce
    Grab hold bounce
    Very nicely done – and I like the pictures as well (especially the 3rd one in your first post).


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      Awesome news - wonderful cause - this is great!


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        Amazing Jon. Good for you and your cause. Great fun poem.. Rock and Roll brother. 10,000Likes!


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          Well done, Jon! The poem definitely and very amusingly captures the essence of kittenhood! Will the book be available via regular retail outlets (ie Amazon) or just local purchase?


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            P. Poet, I have to ask. Do you know that every time you make a child smile You perform a miracle? Its as simple as that. You made this old child smile! A+Gold Star


            • Parkinsonspoet
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              what a wonderful thought thank you for sharing that