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  • Love Is What You Are

    Love is what You are

    Love is what You are.
    No matter what it seems life’s giving you
    No matter if you came so far
    And many problems are now due –
    Love still is what You are.

    You radiate with Love
    Your happiness and strength.
    At times, when life seems tough,
    The Love you feel, will go to any length,
    For It is what You are.

    Sometimes it seems inside,
    That you are all alone…
    But you just have to keep in sight,
    That Love you feel is never gone,
    For Love reflects in you its holy might.

    Sometimes, you have to grieve,
    But your Love’s still the same –
    Please keep it shining, and forgive,
    There’s never need for pain or blame.

    Love gives you light and heals
    No matter what life puts you through,
    The Love shines on, and any pain – It stills.
    Love is the song which clears your view.

    So truly, Love is all You are,
    Remember this and be at peace.
    The loved ones may be near or far –
    Your Love for them will never cease.

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    Beautiful AS!


    • AnatoliyS
      AnatoliyS commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you RLW! This is a kind of poem that I do not want to revise, even though it was the first (since I have started writing seriously) that I wrote. It holds deep sentiment to me, due to the circumstances that have inspired it (see Bobby's latest poem for my comment).

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    A mighty definition of love in all its beautiful forms. Composed with passion and insight. A scholar of the subject you are, no doubt and no doubting your poetic skills. You have proved that love does indeed conquer all and have done so in a most admirable way. Fine poetry. Regards, Tony


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      AnatoliyS , you've only been writing poetry since July 2016? That is hard to fathom! A beautiful tribute for your friend you have written with your penbrush. Thank you for sharing this with me and all of the zone. Keep writing and sharing you have lit the zone on fire already!
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        Thank you Tony! I am humbled when you call my work "Fine poetry", given the extent of your skill, experience and the ability to work the words so beautifully. I've yet much to learn, but that's what I am here for – and I do learn a lot from your verse.

        Thank you Bobby, I am glad the message in this poem has been expressed well enough that it has resonated with you. In truth, I cannot say that it is the first poem I have EVER wrote – I would have find probably some 10 meaningless verses from my childhood or university days (when it was an assignment – I am Russian and I studied English a little bit in the university, before realizing how much time is wasted there, dropping out and continuing on my own). However, without spirituality to back me up, writing poetry made very little sense, and I was not interested in anything in particular that would have inspired my writing. I have never read poetry in English either (until this August that is).

        After I have been studying spirituality deeply for a couple years, I felt that it needs to be expressed somehow, but poetry was not my idea of expression (honestly, I've been told all my life that it is but a waste of time ). I have started writing some spiritual articles on my blog. However, as life had it, a couple weeks after I started my blog, my good friend passed away, as I have already mentioned. After receiving the message from his wife this poem flew out of me in the next 10 minutes. It touched me deeply and that's how I found purpose for poetry – in poetry. Since then I've been writing more than a poem a day on average.

        I will be probably revising most, if not all, of my current poems (due to the immense knowledge I learn from you and everyone else in this forum), but this particular poem will always stay the same, because of the sentiment it holds. I hope that even with my very immature skills back then I was able to channel the words that deliver the message.
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