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    Like a girl i wonder what to wear
    Does the hat of hope cover my hair
    Underwear of doom or pants of promise
    As long as it covers Mr John Thomas

    I stand before the wardrobe of poetic garments
    Naked but there is no harm in it
    Out of fashion the trousers of destiny
    Can tell at a glance they're so yesterday

    Should I choose the shirt of success
    Match with a tie is that the process
    Should i wrap my poems in the corset of rhyme
    Or set verse free from time to time

    Will a dress of emotion allow a feminine view
    Or just hobble me with its matching heeled shoes
    I try the outfit made for an emperor
    As people stand around just stare

    As I proudly stand naked with fat belly
    Belly full of laughter better than telly
    I am Jon and naked no need for disguise
    Success not garments honesty the prize

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    Tanner rhymetime RhymeLovingWriter AnatoliyS Muttado1sb and too many others to mention thank you. Thank you for the laughter, encouragement and respect, may only know of you online but you have contributed to a good da and also each one of you provided inspiration to the above
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      Nicely done, Parkinspoet! Way to run with an idea. ''I am Jon and naked no need for disguise / Success not garments honesty the prize'' Who say clothes makes the man!


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        But Jon - do not forget your crown
        A poet now, of zone renown
        You're cloaked with grace, and vested too
        in honor stitched with humor through
        Your words of wit have sewn so grand
        a word-ly wardrobe - all by hand!
        Enjoy success - but do not gloat
        At least not 'til you've writ of coat...
        a poet's coat of patch and plaid
        For that I'll wait, and be quite glad
        With rhyme or not - the choice is yours
        Until then - close those wardrobe doors!


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          Your style is so unique, there are no comparisons to be made. I like it for the wit and humor of it, as well as for the form of your poetry. Thank you for sharing with us another look at the poetry, from the angle I could never find in my "The Oxford book of English poetry".