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In the process- Grief and Mourning

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  • In the process- Grief and Mourning

    If I can help to make you heal
    and help to make you strong.....
    Be there when life's unreal
    and when it's done you wrong.....

    If I have the pleasure
    of being your best friend.....
    I hope that I can measure
    from beginning to storied end.....

    If you need a reminder
    of how you used to be.....
    I will help you find her
    you can lean on me......

    I know one day I'll be there
    and it will be my turn......
    I will need your loving care
    teach me what you've learned......

    This process will take time
    healing will take place......
    Mountains you will climb

    to touch your lovers face.....
    Last edited by Bobby Del Boy; 11-05-2016, 05:22 PM.

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    Sometimes we loose ourselves in trying to be poets. Other times we just write poetry, not from our intellect but from our hearts. Such a time is this. Poetry at it's most perfect. Bravo my friend


    • AnatoliyS
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      Very well said, rhymetime! You cannot "try to be" what you Are. This poem touches the soul, and it is a grand achievement for any poet – touching eternal with perishable words!

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    A beautifully tender and loving comfort poem Bobby.


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      rhymetime and RhymeLovingWriter thank you both. This is dedicated to a friend who just lost her husband at 60 years old. She will be taking care of her mother-in-law with Alzheimers and raising 3 beautiful daughters by her self now. Courage and grace she has no shortage of. Pray for Connie and her family my friends....


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      Thank you for this, Bobby Del Boy.

      This process will take time
      Healing will take place
      The mountains you will climb
      To touch your lovers face...
      Your words bring feelings up – they are alive, touching us inside. Your words have beautiful power in them.

      July 2016 is when I have started writing poetry. A very good friend of mine, virtually like a father to me (40 years my senior), has passed away from cancer, leaving behind his children and wife. I have wrote this first poem for her and I would like to share it with you: Love is what you Are.


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        AnatoliyS I read your tribute to your friend. Thank you for sharing that with me. See my response and we grieve together for our friends. I am amazed at your talent. July 16th? That is hard to believe!


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          there is more than your usual grace in this one Bobby. you do the sensitive side of poetry just as wonderful as the motivational.


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            lunar glide thank you!