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Trousers of destiny

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  • Trousers of destiny

    A story I will tell to thee
    A story of great joy to be
    A true legend you will see
    The trousers of destiny

    In the shop I first saw
    Tried them on with awe
    I bent over nearly mooned
    Shopgirls almost swooned

    Put them on pulled up cool
    Magnificent as a rule
    Trousers would mend my life
    Trousers my end to strife

    In those trousers I was a star
    My arrogance had gone far
    Maybe my hubris came too much
    Karma decided to keep in touch

    Bust a move burst the button
    Grab trousers fate beckons
    A losers hand was dealt to me
    Trousers defined my destiny

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    Parkinsonspoet strikes again! I love 'maybe my hubris came too much, karma decided to keep in touch'! That is so true - and not only for fancy trousers. It happens all kinds of ways to me when I get too full of myself - I'm generally taken down a notch in pretty quick order. Thanks for another poem to make me smile. Keeping it humble - way to go!


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      To have made you smile is reward in itself

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    Enjoyable, Parkinsonspoet. ''Trousers of destiny'', ''Hat of hope''. Looks like you are filling a wardrobe of Rhymes. :-)


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      just hope I don't end up with the underwear of doom

    • AnatoliyS
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      The chances are you will! Amazingly hilarious poem, thank you for sharing!

    • Muttado1sb
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      I was thinking more ''Pants of promise'', if I am remembering my Britspeak meaning of pants correctly. :-)

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    I was of course drawn to this verse because of it's title and author. I have said this one other time in this forum but I promise you it is not a redundancy. With this verse, at least to my ear, you have found your voice. With great humor you have told a universal story. Would I someday have the chance to sit across from you, drink a beer and just talk about life and philosophy, what a great honor that would be for me.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      It would honour us both.I propose a toast to Rhymetime