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Son before mother

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  • Son before mother


    Mother hold your sleeping son’s hand
    Only young, still a man
    Feel his soft skin
    Made smooth by a hard life’s stand

    Though not long enough this time

    Touch the linen of God that covers a frail table of bones
    Know his resting thoughts
    Close your full eyes
    Reflect, remember your dancing womb
    Relive the sweet pain and miracle of his birth
    Again, a kiss
    A first
    On newborn skin
    Soft like now

    Though not long enough ago this time

    He and you, one
    But two
    Fresh lives
    A shroud, a veil
    Certain uncertainty then
    But now
    We have come not cleanly but clearly to a cherished and bitter end
    And I say, weep for him
    Nor do pretend
    Your full eyes shall see him again

    Still go, unladen your sorrowful heart
    So you can know
    In the great play
    He played a good part
    Though a short scene
    Oh, what a beautiful scene
    Watched only by those that had come for his dream

    The final scene in a short but great play
    Before the last curtains drawn
    And the crowd goes away
    Standing ovation
    His performance truly worthy of
    Where the mothers son
    Finally gets to sleep
    Before his mother
    With his only true love


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    My sympathy if this is based on personal experience. I recognize the beauty of the sorrow very well. Wonderful tribute. Thank you.


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      99.9 percent of my poems are skinned from some sort of truth or experience. I really should have acknowledged Tanner as an inspiration to this poem. Unbelievably but unfortunately two of my brothers in law coincidentally at the young age of thirty two both committed suicide. One put a gun in his mouth. One put a hose into his vans window from the exhaust. twelve years apart, neither knew each other. One was my sister's X husband the other was My X wife's brother. Both young and brilliant in their own way!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think either wrote any poetry that I know of. Any life is a poem that needs to be written about. That's what I decided to do. Eric died in 1992 and Jim died in 2004. Eric passed with no children. Jim had five and his oldest son at the age of ten found him


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        Tragic. Again, my sympathy. May their souls rest in peace.

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      This is a very sad poem. I have no direct experience in losing a child, but know many who have, and this made me remember the sorrow I saw of each one of them. Well done.