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  • Angel

    Like the autumn wind chasing
    Away the summers hot air
    She smiled at me across the floor
    So I made my way there
    I know it's cliche to stare in amazement
    So I thought to myself,
    What can you do to show this girl
    That youre not just another arrangement of societys narrow minded view on women
    I made my way over, and my first word was
    "Listen, I've never seen anyone brave enough to dance in an empty bar."
    "Well, you don't know me."
    "Why don't you give me a chance then?"
    "I don't see the harm."
    I offer to buy her a drink,
    And she takes me by the arm
    "What's your name?" Her words hitting the air like falling rose petals
    I tell her, and her exuberant mood settles down
    "What's wrong? Why the frown?"
    "That just sounds a lot like my ex." Sucks when you just met someone and they're already comparing you to the person who hurt them
    "Oh, I'm sorry. But I'm not him, and I'll prove it to you.
    What's something he never did for you?"
    "He never held my hand in public."
    I take her silk fingers and slip them between mine
    Instantly I feel a rush of uplifting endorphins
    Thanks to this angel in

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    Sounds like a magical meeting Xom. I like 'her words hitting the air like falling rose petals' - excellent descriptive phrasing there.


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      Xom Love this! Some men can't show this type of sensitivity, so she would be wise to keep you.