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Gastronomic nightmare

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  • Gastronomic nightmare

    Hurry, hurry
    Make a slurry
    We need to add more body to the Chicken Curry
    Hurry, quicker, quicker
    Make a roux
    The sole veloute needs to be thicker
    Hurry, quicker, faster, faster
    Wisk it harder or the soufflé batter will become like plaster
    Hurry, quicker, faster, move it, move it
    Get the wellington out of the oven
    Before it turns to dog shh!!

    You know where that was headed
    Gastronomic nightmare
    Inferno kitchen dreaded
    If you want to succeed
    Down the culinary path
    It’s really quite simple
    And can be very fast
    Do what you’re told
    But whatever you do
    Stay away from the chef’s wrath


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    a very rare kitchen photo of the second. i hate my picture taken


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      Well, for some reason the picture isn't coming through for me - just a little box I don't know how to open. But I was going to say that the poem sounds like the voice of experience - so if that's what's in the picture - then I'd say you nailed it! Nice insight into a place I'll likely never see in person! Thanks TS!


      • The second
        The second commented
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        Hi R.L.W.Don't know whats up with the photo. Def a voice of experience. Over thirty years. A lot of nightmares but so many more awesome memories. started out at fifteen,earned my culinary degree along with seven prestigious culinary awards as a chef. Have met thousands of interesting people in my life. Absolute inspiration. Thank You for the read and write

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      This poem is about me and wife on the kitchen (neither of us a chef, there is no wrath – we just both end up hungry in the end)! Thank you for the laugh!

      P.S. Pictures do not show for me either.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Lol! Then indeed, I read a bit too much into my first look. I see the inside of my kitchen daily. . I was imagining a large industrial sort of restaurant kitchen with far more than two to stir the pots!

      • The second
        The second commented
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        Hi Mr.A. Your refutation made me laugh. Believe me its all true. Thank You!! Stay hungry my friends!!

      • AnatoliyS
        AnatoliyS commented
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        I do believe you, The second! I go through this every other day! Staying hungry is a habit – you get used to it!