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    I stand beneath
    the stormy skies
    as fury builds
    and winds do rise
    not noticing
    the raucous din
    my focus turned
    and facing in
    where thoughts of you
    my waking thoughts
    wondering why
    I'm not with you
    where I should be
    because with you
    I am happy
    but knowing that
    we will return
    though until then
    my heart will yearn
    to see your face
    and hear your voice
    the thoughts of which
    make me rejoice
    for the beauty
    that makes up you
    and all the things
    that you do, too
    so when you're not
    around I lose
    my focus and
    I feel bemused
    because I ponder
    on what you'd do
    or say or think
    or try anew
    if you were here
    or I with you
    but while we're not
    at least it's true
    the thoughts of you
    do keep me warm
    while standing here
    beneath the storm

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    Lovely love poem Muttado1sb! Honors the one you love while easing the pains of separation through verse. Very nicely done. This one will touch hearts.


    • Muttado1sb
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      Thanks, RLW. My wife had to spend a lot of time out of state taking care of her parents this summer, so was away often. This came to me during one of those times.

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    A most beautiful flow to this melodious verse. The simplicity of the language effortlessly easing into rhyme and not once straying from the essence of love declared therein. To yearn for calm whilst midst the storm, a calm to care a longing heart, with nothing but the, "thoughts of you" to stave off the tormenting maelstrom of loneliness. Excellent poetry indeed, a pleasure to read. Regards, Tony.


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Thank you, Tony. Four syllable lines force a more simple language. I was inspired by my wife being away a lot this past summer, and once the first line popped into my head the rest flowed.